Where to Get IT Help

Where to Get IT Help (When You’ve Never Asked Before)

Where to Get IT Help

What do you need to look for?

You need help. Help with your IT systems, that is. But if your business has never had to call upon the services of an IT firm you may not be sure of what to look for and where to look for it.

Confused? Don’t sweat it because by reading this article you’re already off to the right start. Let’s review.

5 Things to Consider When it Comes to Finding the Right IT Support for Your Business

1. Find an IT Firm That Can Work With or Without an In-House Team

There are two myths (among others) about IT services that may have kept you from getting support in the past. You may have assumed that in order to get help from an IT firm you need to have an existing IT team (and therefore infrastructure) in place for them to work with. Or, you don’t, so that you don’t step on the toes of existing staff. A truly professional IT firm will work under both scenarios, so be sure to clarify this fact with candidates.

2. Find an IT Firm That Specializes in Brick & Mortar Set-Up

Given that you are unfamiliar with where to get IT help, there is a good chance that you’re office, shop, studio, or other brick and mortar is in need of a technological upgrade. You need an IT firm that will take on all aspects of IT set-up for a physical space. This may include installation of cabling, wiring, servers, phone systems, computer systems, IoT devices, and all other related IT hardware. You also may want this work done without disrupting operations, which is why you also need a firm who will work around your schedule, even if after-hours. SAV Technology is an expert in IT project services (including hardware set-up) for brick and mortar spaces.

3. Find an IT Firm That Can Provide Customized (for YOU) Service

There is nothing standard or cookie-cutter about your business. Therefore you require IT support from a firm that will tailor your service to your specific needs. For example, is a significant portion of your staff working remotely? Are you having a tough time with supply chain management? There may be certain areas within your IT infrastructure that you can handle with in-house staff and others that you need help with. Or, you may need a firm to take on the entire load. The point, is that you need assistance from a Managed Services Provider (MSP) that offers co-managed, fully managed, and ultimately a custom managed solution for your business. View more on SAV Technology’s Managed Services known as Essentials IT.

Another thing to consider here, is matching the type of industry you’re in to the IT firm itself. If an IT firm has worked with a variety of other businesses in your field than they are better versed than IT firms who have not. For example, if you’re industry is entertainment, media and broadcasting, film, or any other form of content creation and management then SAV Technology is a perfect match.

4. Find an IT Firm That Specializes in Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

This service is based on every businesses’ greatest IT fear – the loss of data and technical services as a result of some event. Such an event may be a cyber attack, power outage, extreme weather, or even internal sabotage. It’s best to get help NOW instead of waiting for one of these terrible things to occur. You need an IT firm that specializes in data backup and disaster recovery.

5. Find an IT Firm That Understands You’re New to Digital Transformation

Another thing that keeps many businesses from getting help from an outside IT services provider, is self-consciousness, for a lack of better descriptors. You may feel as if your IT infrastructure (or lack thereof) is in such disarray that you are embarrassed. Some IT firms will actually make you (and/or your in-house IT) feel this way. There are certainly IT consultants out there who have an air of arrogance about them, and come charging into your company to make sweeping changes without providing practical explanations as to why they are doing what they are doing.

At this juncture you have likely been forced into digital transformation. For this reason you need help from an IT company who recognizes this fact. They will work with you to explain why they are introducing new hardware and software (as needed), can assist with IT budgeting so that you know what you’re paying for and why, will take the time to train executives and staff, and will be there for follow-up support.

The answer for where to get IT help is here. Contact SAV Technology today for a friendly noncommittal conversation about what we can do for YOU.