Vancouver Business Reopening Strategy Begins With IT

Vancouver Business Reopening Strategy Begins With IT

Vancouver Business Reopening Strategy Begins With IT

While it may not seem like it after watching the news, the end of the health crisis and corresponding recession is near. While Vancouver has fared better than neighbors to the east as far as lockdowns are concerned, businesses are far from “open” in the truest fiscal sense of the word. Restaurants are patio-weather dependent. Companies are having a hard time hiring staff back and/or finding new human resources to fill vacant roles. Brick and mortars have extremely limited hours of operation. Events are still taking place behind digital screens. Businesses awaiting goods, services, and/or customers from south of the border are playing a perpetual waiting game. The list goes on. But as mentioned, all of this is almost over.

Even though your company is currently operating, you, along with hundreds of other companies across Greater Vancouver are preparing for a proper relaunch. You need a strategy that will not only help recoup lost income, it must be scalable and sustainable should the government ever decide to exercise extreme authority over the populous ever again. But before you finalize your budget for marketing, human resource management, and administration (etc.) we encourage you to make IT your first priority. Here is a practical look at how IT support is the key to ushering your business into a new and improved era.

How IT Support is the Key to Your Greater Vancouver Company’s Successful Rebirth in 2021 and Beyond

IT Will Automate Tasks

Businesses that have been able to be open have found it challenging due to a lack of human resources. An IT support firm can come in an identify which tasks can become less labor dependent and instead be automated through the integrations of software and IT hardware. Contact us at 1-855-SAV-TECH to find out what can be automated to make operations run more smoothly.

IT Will Help You Create a New HR Model

One thing that will never go back to the same is human resource management. Businesses have found that they indeed can benefit from allowing some staff and/or contractors to work remotely. Developing a better remote work environment will not be about fear for health and safety, but for worker satisfaction and productivity. View more about how IT support will support your ability to manage HR.

IT Will Mitigate the Risk of Business Interruption

Had it up to here with business interruption? We all are, especially company owners who found that so-called “business interruption insurance” didn’t cover actually cover…business interruption. Moving forward, your business must be prepared for all sorts of unanticipated disasters and events that can disrupt operations. IT support will be critical to mitigating these risks. Required services include data backup and disaster recovery to provide cloud-based failsafes, upon failsafes. You can’t depend upon the insurance companies or the powers-that-be to be there for you, so take matters into your own hands. Contact us at 1-855-SAV-TECH to make it happen.

SAV Technology services the BC Lower Mainland, including the City of Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, North and West Vancouver, the Tri-Cities, and beyond. We’re here to empower your business in the post pandemic world with greater confidence. Contact us today to begin the process with a friendly conversation.