Zimbra vs Gmail vs Outlook Differences

Let’s determine the difference of Zimbra vs Gmail vs Outlook email software options?

Zimbra email vancouverAre you researching email software to determine which one will best support all your company needs?  With many different email software choices to consider you will want to be sure that you are making the right choice to encourage efficiency, growth and data security for your business. This article explore the benefits of  Zimbra vs Gmail vs Outlook.

Customize the code in Zimbra email to meet your business needs

Zimbra email is an open source software. Meaning that it is freely available and offers the ability to modify the code to your needs.  Gmail and Microsoft Outlook have a template style design that you are not able to modify. The strongest features of Zimbra email is its ease of use and an elegant user interface.  Source

Zimbra email works on more platforms

Zimbra works on Windows and Mac just like Gmail and Outlook but they take it a step further to be compatible with Unix and Linux which are the operating systems that expert computer programmers use.

Zimbra offers the most mobile options

Do you need on the go mobile email? It is compatible with Window, Apple or Iphone and Android operating systems.  Zimbra sync is far superior than the other popular email software options.

Zimbra Email Data Security

Are you concerned about who is viewing and using your company data for data mining?  If you feel uncomfortable handing over your private data to Google and Microsoft,  Zimbra provides security and privacy for many different types of businesses from small business to large corporations.  Zimbra boasts an impressive client list including Dell, Comcaset, Mozilla, Vodafone & Titleist.

Zimbra is cheaper to use

This email platform provides a space for open collaboration and messaging, as well as online private social networking and community building among staff and clients. Collaboration and community form the core of this platform.

Contact the email support experts

If you are looking for an company email software that is efficient, compatible with your mobile phone, desktop computer software, supportive calendar features, attracts less spam, offers abundant storage, secure, and is customizable to your style than Zimbra is a wise choice.

SAV Technology offers professional expert computer support and advice on Zimbra email set up and customization to match your company and business operating needs.  Contact SAV Technology to speak about Zimbra email for your business.