Looking for Backup and Recovery IT Services in East Vancouver?

In the life of every business, at some point when you least expect it, disaster can strike. Whether it is fire, water damage, a roof collapsing, or a natural or man-made disaster, chances are high that your business will lose some or all of its information technology systems. Whether you live Vancouver, East Vancouver or Burnaby, we live in a part of the country where the risk of earthquake and flooding is very high. It is important to be prepared and ensure that your IT systems are ready with a recent computer back up and computer disaster recovery prevention plan so you are well looked after in the event of a disaster.

Over 37% of businesses that lose a major portion of their IT systems and data fail within one year

According to statistics, over 37% of businesses that lose a major portion of their IT systems and data fail within one year of the disaster. Given the human tendency to look on the bright side, many business executives are prone to ignoring “disaster recovery” because disaster seems an unlikely event.

Disaster Recovery is the set of processes by which you resume business after a disruptive event. The event might be an earthquake, flood or other natural disaster, but could also include man-made disruptions. Business Continuity, on the other hand, suggests a more comprehensive approach to making sure you can keep making money, not only after a disaster, but also in the event of smaller disruptions, including component failures and software hiccups, personnel illness or departure of staff. SAV Technology understands these unique challenges and has developed a comprehensive Disaster Recovery program to ensure uninterrupted services.

What can your organization do to address Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity:

  • Define recovery objectives
  • Conduct regular risk assessments
  • Examine Redundant Infrastructure
  • Cloud Services for Email, Telephone, and Applications
  • Expedited Backup and Recovery Procedures
  • Offsite Backup

Since almost all organizations rely on Information Technology to execute various functions like payroll, accounting, and customer transactions, the computer systems that support them must continue operating after any sort of  incident. As business has become increasingly electronic, plans to recover and continue are of critical importance and Information Technology is a vital link between the business and its customers.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan

Having a Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan in place can save you both time and money during a time of disaster or disruption. Protecting what you have is one of the keys to success in today’s business world.

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