Should my company use cloud hosting

managed IT support services and cloud hosting in North Vancouver, Surrey, and BurnabyResearching new IT strategies can be an overwhelming and confusing search. Talking with your computer guy can seem like you are talking to someone who speaks a different language.  This article is all about making cloud hosting simple to understand so that you can learn the benefits of cloud hosting and decide if this is a good business decision for your company.

What is cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting is having your website hosted on a virtual server rather than the tower that you are accustomed to. The computer tower that you are accustomed to sits under your desktop computer. This means that you access your files on the Internet rather than through your tower. It’s ok if you don’t fully understand cloud hosting.  Just know that you access it through the Internet rather the tower you see at the office. If you think about a fax, you may not fully understand how the information is transported across the telephone line and printed off on the other side, we just know it works. You have probably used cloud hosted websites before. Examples of cloud hosted websites include: Facebook, Dropbox, Skype and PayPal.

Can cloud hosting benefit a small business?

The answer is YES! “Small businesses reap the benefits of not having to deploy physical infrastructure like file and e-mail servers, storage systems or shrink-wrapped software. Plus, the “anywhere, anytime” availability of these solutions, means hassle-free collaboration among business partners and employees using the ubiquitous browser. Cloud services also provide entrepreneurs, SOHOs, and mom-and-pop outfits access to sophisticated technology without the need of an IT consultant or tech worker on the payroll.” source

Benefits of cloud hosting to a business

  • “Increases efficiency
  • Helps improve cash flow
  • Flexibility to grow bigger
  • No need for disaster recovery plans
  • Automatic software updates
  • Automatic security updates
  • Save time and money
  • Pay as you go , no need for capital expenditure
  • minimal project start-up cost
  • predictable ongoing operating expense”  Source

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