IT security in 2015

IT security in 2015 is no longer an option but a necessity.

Have you been wondering if your sensitive company data is vulnerable to online hackers?  Have you thought about what would happen if your business computer network got hit by a virus attack or malware?

Regular business routines and appointments stop when your computer infrastructure and technology is not working properly. You lose valuable time and money trying to fix computer problems that could have been protected with a few preventative measures.Vancouver It security and It services

Online security is not just a large corporation business problem. Small business owners have to purchase online security certificates to keep malware from invading their web files also.  There are no boundaries or limits when it comes to cyber attacks.

Cyber attackers lurking around your company’s IT security

Cyber attacks are difficult to catch because the hacker can change their strategy and software instantaneous. They come and go as they please through the Internet viewing and adapting your website and infrastructure files. Hackers have many different areas of entry points into your files and they use 100’s of different IP addresses to bypass your security features.  They design malware to look like websites, add on’s and features that you already trust.

Cisco reported on their annual report for IT Security in 2015 this month.  There report notes cyber security trends including:

    • Flash malware can now interact with JavaScript to help conceal malicious activity, making it much harder to detect and analyze.
    • Spam volume increased 250 percent from January 2014 to November 2014
    • Heartbleed, the dangerous security law, critically exposes OpenSSL. Yet 56% of all OpenSSL versions are older than 50 months and are therefore still vulnerable to attacks.

Cisco report speaks on the importance of IT security in business

      • Among chief information security officers about 75 percent of CISOs see their security tools as very or extremely effective, with about one-quarter perceiving security tools as only somewhat effective
      • 91% of respondents from companies with sophisticated security strongly agree that company executives consider security a high priority.

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