We Love the Lenovo Tiny

As an IT company, we have experience with a wide variety of desktop hardware. However, when clients need new workstations, we always recommend the Lenovo Tiny. The Tiny saves valuable desktop (or under desk) space, weighing in at under 9.1lbs. It’s also extremely energy-efficient, using 50% less energy than regular-sized desktops.

Lenovo Tinys are built tough — they are subjected to 10 comprehensive torture tests for reliability in unpredictable environments, including manufacturing and extreme temperature. The testing includes:

  • Drop from 100cm
  • Strike with a 50G force
  • Slam to ensure hard drives still work after a fall
  • Shake to ensure they work with a 500hz vibration
  • Simulate temperature shocks from -40 to 60C, 50 times.

Watch the video for more information about Lenovo’s torture testing.