IT Support Services for Product Management Vancouver BC Canada

IT Support Services for Product Management

IT Support Services for Product Management Vancouver BC Canada

The roadmap to product delivery can a serpentine one. Careful planning is integral from inception and scalable processes must be in place or your team will veer off into directions that negatively impact both timeline and budget. However, successful product managers of today know where it begin – through IT support. Even if you have an in-house team outside IT services can support their efforts and ensure that superior end-products make it to market at a faster rate than that of your competitors, no matter what they may be.

Why Outside IT Support is Critical to the Success of Product Managers in Your Organization

Can Streamline Every Single Step in the Product Management Cycle

From inception to the marketing of the end product, product management evolves like an octahedron. It begins with an idea, then grows as a greater number of people and resources are employed to bring it to life, until the process narrows as an organization nears release where it concludes with marketing of the product to the end consumer/client. Touch points for product managers and their teams include business justification, planning, forecasting, research, competitive analysis, product development, verification, pricing, product launch,  and marketing.

IT integrations at all stages of the product lifecycle streamline the process. For instance, product management software offers a number of features to organize and execute plans. They include roadmap features that break down a workflow from ideation to product launch. Through it all the software will continuously track your product team’s progress and allow for adjustments to timelines and budget.  The introduction of new software will often require integration of existing SaaS. For instance, you may be using MS Teams to manage product management team collaboration, and need to work out how to merge it (or otherwise) with new product management software.

IT services for product management can also be employed at the lifecycle’s endpoint to assist your marketing management team to better optimize their workload. After all, everything successfully completed thus far in the lifecycle will be for naught if you can’t get customers/clients to bite.

In 2021 and beyond, IT services and product management are deeply connected. Organizations that bring in outside support from ideation will gain a strong competitive advantage.

Provides Security to Protect Proprietary Data from Cybercriminals

Data is the gold brick of the modern world. Data regarding yet-to-be released products can be worth hundreds-of-thousands if not millions of dollars to malicious individuals or groups who get their hands on it.

From the moment a product idea is entered into your company’s data warehouse it becomes a vulnerability. Something as simple as an email to a stakeholder becomes a high-level risk. Cybercriminals are looking to intercept communications, using targeted phishing schemes (spearphishing) to dupe recipients into giving away sensitive details. The greater the number of people involved in the lifecycle the greater the risk. Data-thieves may sell this information to competitors or at the very least use it to launch a ransomware campaign, demanding large amounts of cash, often in cryptocurrency, to release data back to its rightful owner – you. These cyber intrusions may even come from internal sabotage. Whatever the case may be your organization requires much more than traditional antivirus to protect product data and workloads. This requires the integration of cybersecurity software that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to stay ahead of the over 300,000 malware strains being developed each day. In addition, your company must establish multi-factor authentication (MFA) at all access points, and establish data access restrictions and assigned roles to mitigate the risk of internal sabotage.

Outside IT services will have expertise in cybersecurity that your product management team needs.

Backup and Recovery for Other Disasters That May Occur in the Product Lifecycle

There are other events that can result in lost data and product management workloads. Extreme weather, power grid outages, cloud outages, software failure, and internal team error, all create risk through all phases of the lifecycle. No matter how confident you are in your in-house resources for everything else addressed above, you must at least secure outside IT services for enterprise-grade backup, disaster recovery, and continuity planning. This will bring safety, redundancy and geographic diversity to your product management infrastructure. View more about this critical IT service.

Take the most important step you’ll ever take in the product management lifecycle by securing IT services today. Contact SAV Tech for a consultation.