IT Support Myths

IT Support Myths You Need to Know About

IT Support Myths

The truth may be shocking…

Information technology (IT) is a mysterious pair of words for many company owners and C-level executives. You know you need to invest in IT services in some shape or form, but due to a variety of misconceptions you have been putting it off for far too long. In doing so you are very likely operating with a concerning number of vulnerabilities and lost opportunities to run more efficiently. This directly affects your bottom line. Today we’re here to clear up those myths to ensure that a path to success is cleared through IT support.

4 Myths and Misconceptions That May Be Keeping Your Company from Essential IT Support

MYTH 1: IT Support Makes Staff Redundant and Replaces Current IT Teams

It helps (a lot!) to have buy-in from staff to ensure that your new IT infrastructure will be successful. But when they fear that their jobs will become redundant due to new integrations and the presence of outside IT personnel their fear turns into resistance.

They need to understand that this is not the case. In fact, the opposite is true. Outside IT services are there to make their lives easier (so to speak) and free up their time to focus on company goals instead of being bogged down in mundane tasks that can be replaced through automation. In addition, IT services will introduce new cloud-based software to help teams collaborate better and become more productive. This effectively provides staff with the opportunity to shine in their respective roles and advance their careers within your organization. Marketing (view more here) and human resources (view more here) departments thrive in this capacity, but it is especially true for your in-house IT team who can now divert their attention to big picture projects.

Simply put, IT support empowers your existing staff.

MYTH 2: IT Support Requires That You Have an In-House IT Team

On the flip side, many businesses assume that IT support is simply there to provide backup to existing tech teams with supplementary services. Without in-house representation in place you may assume that a services provider won’t come in to provide support without some sort of IT infrastructure. In some cases this may be true, but when looking at Managed Services Providers (MSPs) you can rest assured that even your most basic IT needs are addressed. Whether you need co-managed services (as per the myth above) or fully managed services (this scenario) we’ve got you covered.

MYTH 3: IT Support Forces Digital Transformation On You

Older companies are often apprehensive about seeking IT support because they feel as if they will be forced to abandon traditionally successful practices. We get it, it feels like a risk when status quo has worked relatively well for so long.  But times have changed.

IT service providers don’t pressure you into digital transformation, market forces do.

Look no further than the events of 2020 to put a stamp on this fact. Companies that have put off cloud migration, IoT integration, and adoption of superior productivity software are now finding out that they don’t have this luxury if they expect to keep their staff and accommodate customers, clients, and vendors. View more on how recent events (not IT firms) have forced digital transformation on companies around the world.

MYTH 4: IT Support is Too Expensive

This is one of the biggest myths. Yes, there is an investment required, but it is one that delivers a definitive ROI and in a relatively short amount of time.

For one, this is accomplished by creating greater efficiencies for your company across the board. The integration of cloud-based software will improve staff and project team productivity which equates a faster turnaround time of revenue generating projects that have been stuck on the shelf for months. In addition, IT support prevents cyberattacks and other IT disasters which otherwise lead to cash outflow with no return. MSPs will also help with your IT budgeting so that you can make more educated decisions about where to make cuts and where to increase investment. An IT firm with extensive partner relationships with IT brands (Microsoft, etc.) may also be able to provide you with enterprise level solutions at a fraction of the price.

Your company literally can’t afford to put off IT support any longer.

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