IT Support for Schools and Education

IT Support for Schools (Private Sector)

IT Support for Schools and Education

There may nary be a more important application for IT support than in the educational system, even in the private sector. Whether a film, arts, or trade school (etc.) your institution requires outside technical support unlike any other. Below is a practical break down of why your institute or academy must secure IT services today.

3 Reasons Why Private Educational Institutions Must Secure Better IT Support Solutions in 2021 and Beyond

Facilitate a Better Remote Learning Environment for Students

Regardless of how COVID-19 forced schools to shift towards remote learning in 2020 it was already headed that way. For private institutions, adapting to register students unable (or unwilling) to attend a brick and mortar facility is a smart business strategy. It opens up dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of virtual seats, all of which pay a tuition. But this business model is only successful if a given institution can facilitate a remote learning environment that is informative, engaging, collaborative, and effective enough to generate a graduating class that is equal to enrollment. This success rate is directly tied to IT infrastructure.

Connecting schools to virtual classroom software is certainly key, but this needs to be tied into what they are doing on-premesis (including hardware integration ) along with any other applications they may be using, especially when stakeholders want to keep those in play.

You need 99.99% uptime for students, educators, and administrators alike. An expert IT firm can perform an audit of your remote learning capabilities, make recommendations, and integrate new cloud-based classroom applications into your curriculum while keeping your budget in check.

Create a More Secure Environment for Students

Educational institutions warehouse a large amount of sensitive student data. The liability implications of having this data compromised are massive. Cybercriminals have painted a big red target on institutions such as, or specifically, yours. In addition to advanced malware campaigns they are also conducting phishing campaigns and targeting school administration, faculty, and students.

Students are especially vulnerable as they will be quick to give up sensitive information if they think the request is coming from the admissions office or a professor. As their institution you need to ensure that they are protected from these malicious campaigns. If you’re not currently leveraging cybersecurity tools which employ artificial intelligible (AI) and machine learning to keep ahead of advanced threats then you and your students remain vulnerable. You need an expert IT firm to perform an audit of your IT systems to ensure top-to-bottom cybersecurity.

Establish a Reputation for Providing Students With the Most Advanced Tech

While this is especially true of technical schools (including film and media broadcasting) all educational institutions need to provide their students with access to the latest technology. These tools can be used to improve their learning experience, but may also be a part of the course load in general.

For instance, a media broadcasting school needs to ensure that their students are using the most current audio and visual hardware and software, or they will graduate without relevant knowledge and skills and not get the jobs they paid YOU to be qualified for.

An expert IT support firm will not only ensure effective integration of advanced productivity tools (i.e. Office 365 Education, G Suite for Education, etc.) into your curriculum, they may be able to help you gain access to multi-user licenses through existing partnerships. Whether you need a better Learning Management System (LMS), Student Information System (SIS), Classroom Management Software (CMS), Assessment Software (AS) or all of the above an IT expert will help.

Adoption of the latest technologies not only helps your administrators, educations, and student body, it becomes a competitive advantage. By marketing your use of the most advanced technologies you can attract a greater number of student registrations which translates into a sustainably profitable business model for your private education institution.

Contact SAV Technology today to provide your educational business and students with the tools and services needed for success in 2021 and beyond.