IT Solutions for Media - IT Support for News Broadcasting

IT Support for Media and News Broadcasting

IT Solutions for Media - IT Support for News Broadcasting

Not that has ever really been a “slow” time for the broadcast news sector, but things have certainly ramped up in 2020 as people across BC, Canada, and the world are glued to various media channels looking for updates on current events. While this may be great for business and ad revenue it increases your stakes unlike ever before. You cannot afford any hiccups, which is why you’re seeking reliable partners to help keep the news wheel turning. There’s only one place to start – better IT support. Here’s why.

Four Reasons Why News Broadcasters Must Secure Better IT Support Solutions in 2020 and Beyond

I. Digital Transformation Has Reshaped the News and Media Industry

Innovations in (and adoption of) digital technology has forever changed the way new broadcasters run their operations. Sure, this online transformation has vastly improved the way you reach and deliver content to your audience, but it goes far beyond better user experiences and meeting consumer demand. You now have the opportunity to leverage audience data to increase engagement on your digital platforms and drive more value through the monetization (i.e. via ad revenue) of those platforms. Understanding how to weave it all together requires a significant level of support from an IT provider who offers access to software and hardware solutions not only for better broadcasting capabilities, but for data collection and management.

II. Others Want to Steal Your Audience Data

As mentioned above, audience data has significant monetary value. It isn’t just advertisers who want to use it, but cybercriminals as well. To them you’re the perfect target. They not only justify their ransomware attacks from a financial standpoint, but from a moral one. They hide behind a do-gooder guise, taking down the big bad media who they see as manipulators of public opinion. Their story is trite of course, because in the end these hackers are nothing but criminals, and as such, they are a huge threat to your operations.

Not only do you need to secure data and IT systems to prevent downtime (more on this below) and avoid falling prey to a costly ransomeware attack, you need to ensure strict compliance with data-privacy law. You must show governing bodies that you have taken every reasonable step to secure audience/public data. News broadcast companies are prioritizing data governance and compliance to abide by the regulations set forth by the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), along with state by state legislation across the border. Doing so also provides you with a strategic advantage as it better allows your media company to engage in the public conversation on the topic.

Only an outside IT expert can deliver the AI and machine learning driven solutions to secure your IT systems from the advanced threats of today and tomorrow.

III. You Simply Can’t Afford Downtime

Your IT systems can go down due to cybercriminal intrusion, but there are a variety of disasters (power grid outages, extreme weather, internal sabotage, etc.) that can take your media company offline. Given that your audience (and advertisers) depend upon you for realtime information this is simply not an option. The contingency plan for significant downtime in the news industry is to pack up and move on to something else (film production, perhaps).

For 99.99% uptime and to ensure broadcast and business continuity you need to receive a comprehensive audit of your IT infrastructure. Read through our 5-step guide to creating a disaster recovery plan and follow up by contacting SAV Technology for your consultation.

IV. You Manage Content from All Over the World

If there is one industry that requires a more robust remote productivity solution it’s broadcast news. You have journalists, reporters, and content contributors spread throughout the city, province, country, continent, and planet. They need to collaborate with individuals and teams in realtime (no matter respective time zones) on a wide number of projects to ensure that you can collect, edit, and deliver content to your audience before competing broadcasters do.

An IT expert will provide access to news media hardware and software solutions along with training (for staff and in-house IT) and that will offer better communication and collaboration between all parties and stakeholders to ensure far superior productivity than what you have today. These cloud-based solutions are not only more efficient, they are more secure and provide for better data backup and disaster recovery (as per above).

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