IT Support for Marketing Management

IT Support for Marketing Management

IT Support for Marketing Management

IT can bring your storyboard ideas to life!

Whether you’re a film or broadcasting studio seeking to grow your audience, hospitality business hoping to drive new guests, or a company in any other field you depend upon advertising to turn a profit. However, in 2020 marketing management has become a lot more challenging. Traditional methods no longer cut it, which is why it’s time to look to an IT firm to provide support to your marketing team. Below is everything you need to know.

4 Reasons Why Your Organization Should Integrate IT Support for Marketing Management

Because Traditional Marketing Doesn’t Work Like It Used Too

Old marketing methods including print and outdoor (billboard, transit, etc.) along with radio and TV aren’t nearly as effective as they used to be. Companies are shifting the bulk (if not all) of their marketing budget towards digital platforms, but very few have the IT infrastructure in place to manage it effectively. Companywide digital transformation must accompany digital advertising adoption, otherwise your marketing department won’t even come close to leveraging the customer acquisition possibilities.

For example, the right software can better automate and optimize customer relationship management (CRM). CRMs are integral to the successful execution of marketing strategies, allowing companies to manage current and prospective consumer data and execute a number of digital campaigns including email, SEO consulting, PPC, and social media outreach.

An IT support firm will match your distinctive customer acquisition needs to scalable software as a service (SaaS) solutions that will grow and adapt with your brand/s.

Because Content Creation is King/Queen in Modern Marketing

Content creation is the cornerstone to any successful digital marketing strategy. While creativity sparks all great content, its creators must be armed with tools that allow them to translate ideas into a more tangible format that can be effectively communicated to decision makers and ultimately to its intended audiences.

An expert IT firm with experience in IT for content creators will ensure that your marketing department is outfitted with the hardware and software needed to draw, sculpt, script, and create digital storyboards that will come to life in audio and visual format as needed. Better yet, the right IT expert can connect you to value added resellers (VARs) who can help you access more customized and/or affordable hardware/software so that your marketing content team has what it needs. In addition, your marketing content team will receive ongoing IT support should they experience any issues in adoption, use, or if they need upgrades as campaigns evolve with the success of your brand/s.

Because You Need to Source Marketing Content from the Outside Too

The content creators who drive your marketing campaigns aren’t all in-house. In some capacity you depend upon remote contributors. To ensure efficient communications and delivery of content in a timely manner you need to adopt a secure cloud-based productivity solution that brings them into your corporate fold no matter where in the world they may be. More on this below.

Because Your Marketing Team Needs to Collaborate in Real Time

Great ideas strike at a moment’s notice, but they have a very limited shelf life which is why your marketing team needs to be able to act and collaborate in real time. Everyone on a given marketing project team is rarely in the same place at the same time, even if they all work in the same commercial space. They need a virtual meeting room (so to speak) where they can upload content, ideas, constructive feedback, and engage one another. They need their entire project workload to be accessible from anywhere at anytime, yet be secure enough that unintended parties cannot access it until it’s ready for final review and eventual consumer release.

The very same software applications that allow you to tap into remote content creator resources also lets your entire marketing team collaborate at unprecedented levels of productivity. For example, Microsoft Teams allows your marketing team the opportunity to utilize other Office 365 apps such as Power BI, Calendar, or Forms in your marketing campaigns. The integration of Microsoft Planner enables campaign schedules to be organized and visible to everyone you need on board to execute their end of the process, be it an edit or nod of approval.

An expert IT firm will connect your marketing team to extremely effective software that they can leverage for all campaigns to come today and tomorrow, while providing ongoing support in the process.

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