IT Support for CEOs, CFOs, and COOs


We’ve provided a guide to IT support for executives, but today we want to focus specifically on the C-level executives holding the title of CEO, CFO, or COO. Whether you’re a top level officer in media and news broadcasting, film, or other content production sector (SAV Technology specialties) you require dedicated IT support for your position. Here’s why.

3 Reasons Why CEOs, CFOs, and COOs Should Secure Dedicated IT Support to Exceed Organizational Goals

C-Level Executives Are Expected to Have an Advanced Knowledge of IT in 2021 (and Beyond)

To gain sustainable employee respect, C-level executives must show that they have advanced knowledge in all areas of an organization’s operations. Traditionally this focused on sales and marketing, finance, customer/client/vendor relations, and general strategy. But the proliferation of digital transformation has made IT a top priority when it comes to the knowledge base of your position. A lack of knowledge and leadership in IT in 2021 can lead to real and perceived dysfunction, which will mark the end of many C-level careers.

Since every company on the planet relies upon technology to some significant extent, the leaders of these companies should understand the digital technology that powers them.” (What CEOs Better Know About Technology – Or ElseFORBES, August 2020)

You certainly don’t need to be an outright IT expert, but you do need to have a more advanced knowledge of your IT infrastructure than many others in your organization. Not only does this help you make more informed decisions and sign-off on in-house IT team budgets and related requests, it helps your staff gain greater confidence in you as their superior.

IT risks and opportunities are now directly woven with business risks and opportunities. CEO, CFOs, and COOs can no longer afford to delegate decisions to IT systems managers alone. By securing outside IT support you will gain access to experts who will work directly with you (and other C-level executives, as needed) to improve your knowledge base and help you make more educated decisions.

Cybercriminals Are Coming for YOU

Cybercriminals and hacking groups are not only looking at your company, they are looking directly at you. They have your name, personal and professional contact information, and have been gathering data from your online persona (via company profiles, social networks, media coverage, etc.) and are preparing to launch a spear-phishing campaign where they pose as you to get subordinates and vendors to give up access to sensitive information and/or company funds. There is only one effective line of defense against these malicious attacks on CEOs, CFOs, and COOs (and respective companies). You must bring in an IT expert who will prevent high-level spear-phishing campaigns and other advanced forms of cybercrime. Learn more about how to prevent C-level spear-phishing attacks in your industry.

Covers Distinctive IT Needs for Your Department

CEOs require big picture IT support, but if you’re reading this from a CFO or COO perspective then as the department leader you want to show subordinate managers that you’re taking the reigns and making sure that they have everything they need to excel at their job. Your department has a number of unique needs that don’t necessarily parallel those of other departments within your organization. For this reason you need customized IT hardware, software, and infrastructure. Given that in-house IT is focused on general day to day tech around the office, a lot of your IT demands may sit on the back-burner. But with outside IT support you will gain access to a team who is at your side to ensure that you and your project teams have the necessary tools to do more than contribute to the organizations overall goals.

CFOs, please read our guide to why financial services (and departments) require dedicated IT support. COOs, since you’re focused on planning, organizing and supervising in the contexts of production, manufacturing or the provision of services, you will be interested in IT support for supply chain management and more.

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