Software Consulting Vancouver BC

IT Consulting to Help You Get More from Your Software

Software Consulting Vancouver BC

As a provider of Managed IT Services to Greater Vancouver we consult with businesses on a wide number of IT issues and opportunities. One common area most organizations need assistance in, is with respect to their use of software as a service (SaaS). While every company uses an SaaS, very few do so effectively and many don’t garner an ROI to justify the investment. You can make a change for the better today by seeking the services of an IT consultant. Here’s how, and why.

5 Reasons Why Vancouver Businesses Should Get IT Support to Get the Most from Their Software Solutions

I. Helps You Unlock Features You Didn’t Know You Had Access To

The software you are using has “hidden” features that you didn’t know about. This isn’t on purpose mind you, it’s just that most SaaS options in 2021 are so robust that it would take you (and even your in-house IT) some very deep digging to discover them all. Take MS Teams (part of the Microsoft 365 family of products) for example. Did you know that you could create private channels, generate tags to group users, integrate in-search bar type /commands for quick navigation, or bookmark chat content? These are just a few tips of the iceberg of hidden features found within MS Teams, and are analogous to what your current applications may be capable of. An IT consultant with expertise in your SaaS can help you discover them.

II. Helps Increase Buy-In and Improve Adoption from Staff

One of the biggest reasons that any SaaS fails in an organization, is that it doesn’t get buy-in from staff. They are averse to new technologies because they fear what they don’t understand, and prefer to stick to antiquated solutions because of the familiarity. To increase buy-in and improve adoption of new software, your company must provide training on how to use new applications. This training must be all-inclusive (all in the hierarchy), convenient (i.e. done via mobile learning), and ongoing as needed (accounting for updates, etc.). An IT consultant with expertise in your SaaS can provide this introductory training and continued support.

III. Helps You Better Secure Your Software (and entire organization)

Your current SaaS has a number of concerning vulnerabilities to cybercrime. The problem is that you’re not leveraging its security features to the best of its ability. Let’s return to Microsoft 365 as an example. There’s a good chance that you (and/or one of your vendors) are using the MS 365 suite to improve productivity and support operations, but is it as secure as it could be? Or more aptly, are you referencing your Microsoft Secure Score? MS Secure Score is a measurement of your organization’s security posture and identifies potential improvements across all of your Microsoft 365 workloads with centralized visibility. To get great grades on Secure Score (or other SaaS security gauge) we recommended bringing in an IT consultant. An IT support firm will use intelligent insights and provide guidance to strengthen your company’s security posture against advanced threats.

IV. Helps You Identify Potentially Better Alternatives

Some organizations hit a wall when it comes to the software they’ve been using. There are a number of reasons for this. Some are endemic to the SaaS of choice, others pertain to company culture and adoption (or lack thereof) of technology. After performing an audit of your IT infrastructure, a consultant with expertise in a wide variety of software applications will be able to identify if/when it’s time for a switch, and can help you identify alternatives that may be better suited to your organization. This may mean a switch to Google Workspace from MS 365 (or vice versa), AWS to Azure (or vice versa), Citrix XenServer to VMware vSphereESXi, and so forth. If there is a better option for your company, wouldn’t you want to know?

V. Helps SMBs Access Enterprise Solutions

A Managed Services Provider (MSP) and IT consultant can guide any SMB in the right direction when it comes to SaaS. But as an SMB or even soon-to-be large company you may not have the IT budget (or do you?) to access the features of enterprise level solutions. When you partner with an MSP, you may indeed be able to gain that access, paying only for what you need by leveraging the partnerships and subscriptions that these consultants have with the top software providers in the country.

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