Entertainment and Event Industry Evolution Through IT Support

How to Evolve Your Event and Entertainment Business Through IT Support

Entertainment and Event Industry Evolution Through IT Support

BC is in the midst of its restart plan, and while businesses will enjoy a return to normal in many ways, certain industries cannot simply pick up where they left off.  Namely the events and entertainment industry. But this is not some dire warning. Instead, we want to focus on the opportunities before you, as the economic restart represents an evolution, not a return to status quo. 

3 Reasons Why IT Support is Critical to the Evolution of the Events and Entertainment Industry in 2021-22 and Beyond

Tech Didn’t Stop with the Government Locks

The government may have waived its wand to put your industry on hiatus, but their actions didn’t stop technology from progressing. Quite the contrary in fact, as advances in audio/video production moved forward at a record pace so as to capitalize on the downtime and be ready for the new (and yes, improved) world.

As you prepare to get back to business and rally your crew, take stock of the hardware and software applications that you were using prior to the forced shutdowns. A year (+) is like ten when it comes to technology. There’s a good chance that what you have in the warehouse or studio has now been rendered antiquated. Some competing companies have caught-on and upgraded. Will you too? Others have not. Don’t you want to gain a competitive edge when it comes to what you can provide to attendees, promoters, and/or production clients and execs?

By bringing in IT support that has expertise in your industry, be you creating/supporting audio/video or other forms of great content, managing events, or serving in some other related capacity, you will ensure that you have access to the latest hardware and software. IT support will also be able to revamp your IT infrastructure so that it is ready to accommodate these exciting new advances in event/entertainment industry technology. Lastly, IT services will be integral to securing it from a number of cyber vulnerabilities, as new tech is always accompanied by new exploits.

You Want to Offer Consumers the Best of Both Worlds

Allow a moment for us to introduce an analogy. The travel industry, which also felt the brunt of the government fist, is experiencing what may be the most dramatic growth in history since the invention of the airplane. Flights, hotels, vacation rentals, car rentals for places open to tourism are being booked in record numbers. People are chomping at the bit to take back their freedom and get back to the things they enjoy. To the delight of the industry, pent-up demand is fierce. Better yet, growth will be sustainable as consumers are showing through initial spending that they will never again take their freedoms for granted. What is happening right now in segments of the travel industry is directly comparable to what the events and entertainment industry is about to experience.

Most everyone would be happy to never hear the words “virtual event” ever again. However, the concept that was accelerated via the reaction to the pandemic will not disappear with case counts. But this won’t be due to regulatory overstepping. You see, like with the travel industry, the pent-up demand will result in fully-booked shows and maxed-out ticket sales, Good problems to have for event and entertainment businesses, but not so much the consumer. For this reason, businesses will want to continue offering virtual experiences so that consumers can indulge until they get their turn.

But what you were getting by with during the shutdown (which was only ever a temporary solution) isn’t enough to fulfill this demand. Let’s be honest, the audio/video quality and server capabilities were hardly adequate. Instead it’s time to look towards new web-enabled technologies that will allow you to stream events and shows to those who can’t be there in-person, providing superior sound, visuals, and interactivity that is actually worth paying for from the consumer perspective.

You now have the opportunity to grow your revenue model to unprecedented levels through the assist of technology and the IT support services that will help connect you to it.

Some Staff Will Remain Remote (and that’s OK)

While event and entertainment businesses will enjoy a return to normal in most ways, one concept looks like it will stick. The remote working business model. This is won’t be due to a government mandate, but because companies across BC and Canada are enjoying reported increases in productivity, quality of work, and employee satisfaction. While some staff (for venue or studio set-up, etc.) must always be on site, others (content creators, administration, etc.) may prefer to keep working remotely, especially if they are now geographically further away than they were before. To retain (and seek new) talent, your event/entertainment production company must be able to sustain a remote work environment on a permanent basis – it has simply become a part of most organizational human resource models.

How do you make this transition a permanent one without losing the benefits? By having IT support effectively migrate your data and workloads to a superior cloud productivity solution. Take cloud-based MS Office 365 as a prime example. When your organization subscribes to this software-as-a-service you gain access to robust organizational collaboration tools such as MS Teams which will enable staff, contractors. and executives to better coordinate on projects and tasks.

Forget the “new normal”, as what we’re looking at is a brighter and more progressive future for the industry. At press, BC officials indicate that larger scale in-person events (and other entertainment affairs) are expected for September 2021. That gives you time to adapt. Contact SAV Technology today for a consultation.