Software Update Problems - Why You Need IT Support

How IT Support Helps Solve Software Update Problems

Software Update Problems - Why You Need IT Support

Is your business vulnerable to software and application update failure?

On April 19 2021, Rogers Communications (along with FIDO) experienced a massive wireless outage that caused individuals, households, and businesses to lose non-wireline services for nearly 24-hours. Parents couldn’t coordinate after school pickups with their smartphone carrying teens, remote workers were not able to check in with the office, and contractors could not get in touch with clients on the first day of the business week. It was a Canada-wide mess.

The culprit?

Not a cyberattack, but a software update failure. Yes, even a company worth $29.175 billion makes mistakes when updating their software. Technically, the issue was caused by an update from Ericsson – the Swedish multinational networking and telecommunications company which powers Rogers’ mobile broadband Internet communications.

For the general public it was an inconvenience to say the least. But for businesses and organizations left unable to place or receive mobile calls, emails, and SMS messages when not on a wireline, it was a disaster. Money was lost.

The outage has flamed concerns about telecommunications consolidation in Canada, and made companies realize how vulnerable they truly are to something as simple as a software update failure.

The solution is to create redundancies and partnerships that mitigate the risk and/or fallout from such an event. This must be accomplished by securing outside support from an independent provider that offers managed IT services.

How IT Support Will Reduce Your Risk of Errors and Issues with Business Software Updates

Will Ensure Automatic Updates of SaaS

Your software-as-a-service (SaaS) must be updated in real time. These updates offer more than functional improvements, as some are downright critical, including fixes to address connectivity errors and security patches to protect against cyber vulnerabilities. IT support will ensure that all of your SaaS’ is updated correctly and in real time.

Can’t you do this on your own via administrative settings? Possibly, but are you confident that the update will mesh with all other connected IT services? Keep reading.

Will Help Ensure Software Updates Don’t Disrupt Connected IT Services

There are reciprocal and interconnected relationships between the software and hardware that your company depends upon. An update in one may not work with another, or a codependent system’s manufacturer or creator may not yet have provided a corresponding update. All software updates must be tested against your entire IT infrastructure to ensure that it all works together. If not, your systems may crash. This is a big part of why you need IT support.

Provision of Cloud-Based Productivity Tools

At some point in time a software update problem will occur, but when it does you need confidence that staff and contractors can keep working and communicating amongst one-another along with vendors and customers/clients as needed. This is why you need an IT services provider to create an effective redundancy to ensure that you have access to cloud-based productivity tools so that collaboration does not cease.

Data Backup and Recovery

If a software-update issue causes immediate stoppage of work then you need peace of mind that the most up to date version has been saved and secured in the cloud. Not only will a full-service IT provider offer cloud hosting, they also offer cloud-to-cloud backup. Cloud-to-cloud backup is the process of backing up data stored on one cloud backup service (i.e. Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, or private) to another. After all, even the world’s leading business software providers experience outages. We’re here to protect you against this threat to operations.

Never again let software updates fail you and cause problems for your company. Partner with SAV Technology today for IT support.