Green IT Support

How IT Support Can Help You Go-Green

Green IT Support

IT support has become an integral part of the move to more sustainable ways of doing business. The investment not only creates greater efficiencies in your operations it can reduce your corporate carbon footprint significantly. Here’s how.

Six Practical Ways IT Support Can Help Your Company Achieve Eco-Friendly Sustainability Goals

I. The Cloud is Green

The cloud makes on-premesis servers, cooling systems, and other forms of IT hardware (along with their energy requirements) redundant. By migrating operations to the cloud you will effectively reduce your carbon footprint from the moment you do so. View more about our cloud services.

II. Remote Staffing Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

Having staff come to the office or other workplace widens your company’s carbon footprint. Commuting in vehicles contributes to air pollution, and the energy consumed by redundant workstations in the commercial environment compound the issue. While it may be necessary to have on-site staff in varying capacities, there is a good chance that some positions can be managed remotely – something that 2020 taught us is very viable. But to ensure that your operations are not negatively impacted you require IT support to make sure that your teams have the appropriate online collaboration tools to manage projects, meetings, and more. IT support will provide the right combination of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and provide training along with more robust security to ensure that it all comes together to help you generate profit without hurting the environment.

III. Remote Customer-Client Acquisition Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

Traditional methods of acquiring customers and clients create waste. Outdoor advertising is a perfect example, but even attending unnecessary in-person meetings, conferences, and trade shows adds to your company’s trail of harmful emissions. In the same manner that staff productivity can be eco-bolstered through IT support, customer-client acquisition methods can too. View more on IT support for marketing management.

IV. Reduces Waste in Many Industries

Most industrial companies create a disproportionate share of damage to the environment. The manufacturing sector in particular is challenged to take steps to reduce their carbon footprints, but the same is true for shipping and logistics and many other industries. Through IT support your company may find ways to make old and harmful systems redundant, leveraging software and cloud-based tools to produce products, equipment, and more without creating excess waste in the process.

V. Assist With Smart-Office Installations

The internet-of-things (IoT) has delivered the technology needed to drive smart-homes across BC and Canada. Smarter homes are eco-friendly homes and initiatives to make IoT a part of residential and commercial building codes is well underway. It’s within the latter (commercial building) that you need to pay attention to. IoT integrations in lighting, security, and HVAC will reduce your commercial space’s energy production which is not only good for the environment, but for your company’s bottom line too. As a part of our IT solutions we help businesses¬†handle all IT aspects of office moves and set-ups which includes creating a smart and eco-friendly workspace.

VI. Creates Savings That Can Be Put to Green Initiatives

EVERYTHING that we detailed above leads towards greater efficiency not only for the environment (which is the positive side-effect) but for operations. As you know, greater operational efficiency frees up financial reserves for other initiatives. If going-green is a big part of your corporate mandate for 2021-22 and beyond, then you can use the extra funds to contribute to eco-friendly causes that your company cares about. You can even use the money for retrofits to help you get LEED certification. In fact, in addition to all of the efficiencies that we can help you enjoy, IT support can also assist with budgeting.

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