New Year Goals for Business

How IT Services Will Support New Year Goals for Your Business

New Year Goals for Business

2021 is upon us, and like with individuals businesses also set goals for the new year ahead. We’re not just referencing traditional goals (i.e. budget, sales, etc.) here, but larger, more lofty and general aspirational ones that are worthy all the same. However, these resolutions rarely reach their intended fruition because of a lack of planning and support. How do you keep this from happening? By securing outside IT Services.

3 General New Year Goals for Your Business (in 2021) and the Practical Ways IT Support Services Can Help You Set and Reach Them

Resolution 1: Make (and Keep) More Money

This is obviously your primary goal as a for-profit company. As such you will set departmental budgets, allocate resources, and set sales projections to increase profitability. Digital transformation is important to all of this, and IT support ensures that your infrastructure adapts accordingly.

But beyond integrating more advanced and dedicated IT into each department, IT support also allows you to make more money by avoiding financial leakage that can come from issues not related to enhancing operational efficiencies. IT support accomplishes this by mitigating the risk of (and fallout from) a number of disasters, from power outages due to weather events all the way through to ransomeware campaigns and other forms of cybercrime.

Resolution 2: Do Well (or Better) By Your Employees

In 2021 a new focus has been placed on human resources and employee satisfaction.

For one, your company adapt to provide more flexibility when it comes to balancing in-office and remote scheduling. Companies can no longer foster a culture where staff feels obligated to come into the workplace even when they are not feeling well. In 2021 your company can be held liable in claims court for such a thing, especially if a health concern is introduced into and spreads throughout the workplace. Health concerns aside, employee satisfaction is tied to this same flexibility and it will also help you attract the best talent on the market. However, you need to provide this flexibility while increasing productivity at the same time. Without outside IT support this is a very tall task. With IT support, your company will be outfitted with customizable software-as-a-service (SaaS) that can improve staff and contractor communication and collaboration on important projects. Better yet, all of the above can be accomplished not by replacing your existing IT team (as applicable) but by providing them with much-needed support which will ultimately improve their workplace satisfaction too.

Resolution 3: Do Well (or Better) By Society

Corporate social responsibility is another important concept for 2021. In fact it’s more important than ever before. IT support can help here as well.

How? In many practical ways.

For instance, a breakdown in IT systems can directly lead to a number of events that can have negative consequences on society. A company with facilities that houses waste and materials deemed harmful to the environment is an obvious example. IT support can introduce (or improve upon) technologies to prevent such occurrences.

However, the most common example is found with respect to the protection of consumer (your customers/clients) data. In some shape or form your company hosts and manages sensitive information and data. If this data is compromised they are at risk. Under Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) you have a responsibility to report any event that compromises consumer (and vendor, etc.) data, and any failure to do so will not only result in punitive measures, but backlash from the public which can have more of a damaging effect on your business than any fine from the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. Not all press is good press when it comes to corporate social responsibility.

Secure consumer data through IT support and you’ll do well by your goal to do better by society.

Let SAV Technology help you attain the above New Year goals for your business in 2021. Contact us today for a consultation.