Do You Need to Backup Office 365 and Google Workspace

Do You Need to Backup Google Workspace and MS Office 365?

Do You Need to Backup Office 365 and Google Workspace


Two of the most powerful software as a services (SaaS) for businesses is Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) and Microsoft Office 365. They are trusted by companies all over the world and they are both cloud-based tools that enhance collaboration, content creation, operational efficiencies, productivity, and ultimate profitability. They deliver ROI from the moment they are integrated into your IT (and corporate) infrastructure.

However, blind trust in each can be the downfall for many organizations. This blind trust can lead to a key oversight – failure to backup. Here’s why you need to perform backups for both Google Workspace and MS Office 365.

Why You Need to Backup Google Workspace and MS Office 365 Even When You Think You Don’t

Because They DO Go Down

Sure, Google and Microsoft may offer 99.99% uptime, but what about that .01%? After enough time passes is an outage not inevitable?

Look no further than this past Monday December 14 2020 at 4 AM PST (7 AM EST) to verify this fact. It may seem unimaginable, but Google and ALL of its services went down for nearly an hour during one of the busiest times of the year. That’s right, in addition to Google Search going offline, Google Workspace tools including Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet and more were inaccessible. IT support staff and C-level executives alike rolled out of bed and received a rude awakening that morning, literally and proverbially. The hashtag #apocalypse made its rounds on Facebook and Twitter feeds all day.

While rare, it’s not an isolated incident. Back in 2017 there were two significant Google Drive outages. One lasted for approximately 8-hours although it impacted less than one percent of Google Drive accounts. The second was more affecting, hitting an estimated 10% of users, for approximately five hours. To cap off the eventful period, G Suite admins lost access to the admin console for eight hours on the very next day.

What about MS Office 365? While they have a slightly better track record, 2017 was also a rough one. On February 1st about 40% of users lost access to email through much of the day. Beyond large scale events, there are pop-up instances that can impact your business and/or area. Let’s take a look at today’s graph of Office 365 instances over the last 24 hours:

Do You Need to Backup MS Office 365

Source: DownDetector

Again, Google Workspace and MS Office 365 are hands down two of the best SaaS options for organizations. But if something can happen, it essentially will happen, including downtime. For this reason you need to backup Google Workspace and MS Office 365.

There’s More at Stake Than Data

Another reason that business users neglect to backup Google Workspace and Office 365 is that because they are effective cloud-based solutions for storing data, users know that their data will be there once they come back online.

This is fine and dandy for companies that don’t require real-time access to customer, client, product, and project information and/or services. But for the 99.99% of companies that do, including for when a cloud solution goes down, immediate access to information and services is absolutely required.

That’s why you need an independent cloud-to-cloud backup solution that affords you access to email, documents, calendar events or other important files, even when Google Workspace or Office 365 are offline.

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