Cloud Backup for Music Production Vancouver BC

Cloud Backup for Audio and Music Production

Cloud Backup for Music Production Vancouver BC

The audio production industry is experiencing a boom in Greater Vancouver BC. It’s coinciding with a return to glory for Hollywood North as tv and film studios across the border have had to pivot through 2020-21. They are realizing (once again) the benefits that come from operating in our neck of the woods. The boom is also related to the loss of live events which has forced musicians (and their producers) off the stage and into the studio at a much greater rate. To capitalize, producers are amassing a mass of new audio content, but this is also causing a stress on on-premesis server resources and creating a variety of concerns regarding data loss and disaster preparedness. In response, producers are looking for a cloud backup solution. If located in Western Canada you’ve come to the right place. Here’s why.

Why Audio and Music Production Companies Turn to SAV Technology for Cloud Backup Support

Cloud Backup, Where You Are

As an audio content producer operating in Canada, don’t you want peace of mind that your cloud solution is located where you are, and not in some overseas international datacenter where support is beyond an arm’s length away? Our cloud backup for music production is Canada-based, with data-centers in Vancouver, BC and Toronto Ontario. Having a local data-center is not only great for speed, it also ensures better access to support services. From West to East we’ve got your back…up. Learn more about SAV Cloud.

A Scalable Solution

Music production can be cyclical. During some months your storage requirements may be through the roof. In others they may recede, especially when the time comes to leave the studio and head back out on the road (where applicable). You require a cloud backup solution that offers the ability to scale-up (or down) as required so that you only pay for the resources you need, when you need it. Whether you choose the SAV Cloud (see above) or need support to configure another solution SAV Tech will ensure that you find a custom model that works for you. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

From archived catalogues and recently completed projects to works-in-progress you need a cloud solution that can hold all of your digital assets. You need to be able to access the most up-to-date versions in the event of any disaster, be it a weather-based power outage, internal error, of cybersecurity breach. SAV Technology leads the Greater Vancouver BC IT space when it comes to data backup and disaster recovery. Your existing audio library and open-ended productions will be  safe, secure, and accessible when working with SAV Technology and our cloud-based solutions.

We Provide All IT Support Services for Music Studios

SAV Technology is the go-to IT support company for content creators throughout Greater Vancouver and the BC Lower Mainland. In addition to cloud backup, we are there for you when it comes to connecting all of the software and IT hardware that you depend on to synthesize audio production. We will also help secure your valuable assets from cybercrime, be it an internal (it happens) or external threat. View more on our IT support services for music studios.

Need cloud backup for your audio and music production company? It all starts with a friendly phone call. Give us a ring at 1.855.SAV.TECH or complete the form found here.