Do You Need IT Support

5 Scary Things That Can Happen Without IT Support

Do You Need IT Support

What danger lurks behind the digital veil?

You’re wondering if you need IT support. We’ve provided an article on the why outside IT services will help your business succeed, but sometimes the other approach is more effective in communicating the critical nature of tech support. Or in other words – the bad things that can happen without it.

In the spirit of the Halloween season we have put together a succinct look at the scary events that may occur if you maintain operations without securing IT services.

5 Frightening Events That Can Impact Your Business If You Don’t Seek IT Support Right Away

I. Invasion of the Information Snatchers

Cybercriminals are rising from all corners of the planet and are clawing their way towards your business. Those companies that host a lot of sensitive information are even more susceptible. Take film production studios (one of our specialities) as an example. Recent reports have shown that film (and broadcast) studios are hot targets for cybercrime given that they (you?) have a lot of intellectual property to protect. That said, any organization that collects, stores, and uses sensitive data is at risk, from health services to the hospitality industry.

Prevent the invasion of information snatchers by securing your data through expert IT services.

II. Hackers Holding Operations Hostage

Cybercriminals are doing more that stealing data. They are also looking to disrupt your digital operations. They can shut down company websites and servers, HVAC systems, take over your IoT devices, and much more. Some do this out of pure mischief, but for the most part it’s about ransom. They will hold your operations hostage and demand payment before releasing access to critical IT systems. While losing IT systems can cost your business beyond repair, so can the enormous financial ransom demands. You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Don’t let either scenario become a reality – seek expert IT support.

III. Your In-House Team Becomes The Walking Dead

Have you ever seen a relaxed IT guy/gal? They are an urban legend.

Instead, in-house IT personnel are overstressed and overworked as companies move towards greater adoption of digital transformation. It doesn’t take long for burnout to set in. Pretty soon they begin to resemble the “extras” from The Walking Dead. Productivity invariably suffers as your IT team simply looks to keep up with demands instead of devoting time and resources to focus on exciting new innovations for your company. It’s not their fault –  this is the nature of digital transformation.

The good news, is that you don’t need to hire more IT staff. The most effective way to clear the path for your IT team is to provide them with the support they need to focus on their job while outside experts come in to automate mundane tasks and create greater overall efficiencies. Learn more about how to support your in-house IT support team.

IV. You Will Bleed Money

Lower productivity equates lost revenue and operational inefficiencies bleed money from departmental budgets. In both cases expert IT support can prevent financial hemorrhaging.

The problem, is that for far too long organizations bought into the myth that IT support is too expensive. The opposite is true. Instead, IT services will help create greater efficiencies for your company via the integration of cloud-based software that will improve staff and project team productivity. As a result you will enjoy a faster turnaround time of revenue generating projects that have been stuck in queue for months.

In addition (and as eluded to above) IT experts will prevent cyberattacks and other IT disasters which contribute to damaging cash outflow.

MSPs will also help with your IT budgeting so that you can make more educated decisions about where to make cuts and where to increase investment. An IT services provider with fruitful relationships with IT brands (Microsoft, etc.) may also be able to provide you with enterprise level solutions at a fraction of the price.

V. Stranger Things Occurring in Your IT Environment

It’s not always an outright “event” that can disrupt your IT environment and ultimately your business. In many cases IT hardware and/or software applications simply don’t work as you expected them to, no matter how hard your in-house team has tried to get to the root of the problem. The culprits may be anything from server (on-premesis or cloud-based) misconfiguration to bad wiring. In such cases you need a pair of fresh eyes to come in and audit your IT infrastructure.

SAV Technology will exorcise the demons from your IT environment. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.